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Business Solutions

Home building, remodeling, and decorating product and color decision making is a daunting task, even for the most experienced professional. Learning about the newest products and offerings from manufacturers can be frustrating and confusing to the consumer. Visualization web and mobile applications are generally limited to a single product or manufacturer. This forces the consumer to download and familiarize themselves with many different applications to make an informed decision. We know that once a consumer has made that informed decision that it typically is the final decision. SwatchDeck® allows the consumer to discover and store the products and colors that they imagined for their project visually across many manufacturers in just a few steps. Web or app links are created for every finish swatch that will guide the consumer to your company information.


Email us at to list your products and Finishes for Free:

  • Log in to your unique Manufacturer Page to manage your product inventory.
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) to update your products in real time.
  • Categorize your products by type to allow for easy discovery.
  • Link your swatches to your website or other destination for consumers to learn more about your products and offerings by tapping on your logo.
  • Your logo will appear on Search results, swatches, and on
  • Your products will be placed next to other quality manufacturers as the consumer builds their project finish schedule or inspiration board.
  • Consumers are able to share their projects with your products and finishes to social media networks.

Create a Branded Interactive and Discovery Catalog for your business powered by SwatchDeck®:

  • We work with your team to ensure your branding message and guidelines are represented.
  • Increase your brand visibility through the Apple App Store.
  • Sales staff will be able to use the app to create more sales and place orders for your customers.
  • Contractors are able to see what products are available or not in as few as three clicks.
  • Gain valuable insights about your customer interactions and click through rates.
  • Integrate push notifications in the app to let your users know of new products or sales.
  • Manage your products, users, and analytics through our easy-to-use CMS.
  • Users can share your products to SwatchDeck® through our API to keep all of the products and finishes used on a project in one place.
  • Dedicated app support, updating, and bug reporting.
  • To get started email us at: